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Biege, The Prodigal Guinea Pig

Once upon a time, there was a guinea pig named Biege who lived with his father, Bader, and his brother, NoMore, in a cozy cage in the backyard of a house. Biege was always fascinated by the world outside his cage and longed to explore it. He often daydreamed about the delicious tomatoes, lettuce, and cilantro that grew on the other side of the yard, far beyond his reach.

One day, Biege gathered the courage to ask his father for his share of the food treasures that were stored in the cage. Bader reluctantly agreed, and Biege set off to the far side of the yard with his newfound wealth of food.

Excited by the new experiences and freedom that he had found, Biege began to indulge in wild eating habits. He ate and ate until he had consumed all of his food treasures and was left with nothing but an empty stomach.

Desperate and alone, Biege began to work entertaining people by running around and performing tricks in exchange for scraps of food. Despite his lowly status, Biege continued to entertain and amaze those around him, becoming quite popular among the humans.

As time passed, Biege realized the error of his ways and missed the comfort and security of his home in the cage. He longed to return to his father and brother but was afraid of their judgment and disappointment.

Finally, Biege mustered up the courage to return home. As he approached the cage, his father saw him from a distance and ran towards him, embracing him in a warm hug. NoMore, who had stayed behind and was obedient to his father, also joined in the embrace.

Biege was overjoyed to be back in the warmth and security of his home and vowed to never again take his blessings for granted. He learned the importance of family, forgiveness, and humility, and lived happily ever after with his father and brother, cherishing the food treasures they shared.