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Fiction Stories

Welcome to our page of fiction stories about pets! For animal lovers and pet owners, there's nothing quite like the bond between a human and their furry companion. Our collection of short stories features a diverse range of animals. Whether you're looking for heartwarming tales of loyalty and friendship or suspenseful stories filled with adventure, you're sure to find something to enjoy here. So curl up with your own furry friend and get ready to be transported to a world of imagination and wonder!

Oli the cat and Ru the guinea pig are an unlikely pair of friends, but they love each other very much.
In a world where size doesn't matter, a small but mighty guinea pig and his fearless king lead their town to victory against a fierce dragon.
Three guinea pig leprechauns journey to Popcorn-Ville to help their son and grow a field of clovers, saving St. Patrick's Day for the village.
The Great Guinea Pig Parade" is a story of two rival towns, Biege City and Ruville, who compete to have the best St. Patrick's Day parade. Through their rivalry, they learn the true meaning of the holiday and the importance of coming together to celebrate.
Captain Popcorn leads a group of Guinea pigs to a life of freedom.
Biege, the prodigal guinea pig, was always fascinated by the world outside his cage and longed to explore it.
The curious guinea pig, Ru Boy, explores while looking for his favorite treats